Pouring Into People

I was listening to a minister who shared his insights on how he got to where he is today in his career. I was intrigued by all the seemingly innocuous people he mentioned alongside the obvious ones.   Some of the people he mentioned who helped him rise up in his career he did not know their names but could recall  clearly, exactly what they did to prepare him for the heights he has achieved in his career.

What about you? Who do you have to acknowledge for  pouring into you early on to help you get to where you are in your career today? Are there people whose names you may not remember or even know at the start, that have groomed you in a particular way for your success today?

dramaI recall an incident back in pre-kindergarten that today I am thankful for what the teacher did for me that day.  I was a very busy and active child and never liked having to sit passively in class. I always wanted interactions the preference for extraversion in me showed very early!

This day in question I was especially restless so the teacher called me to the front of the class and gave me the book from which she was reading to us and asked me to take over. Wow! in that moment was born my love for reading and public speaking!

Whether her true intent was to punish or to keep me meaningfully occupied I wouldn’t know but what I do know is that moment marked the start of my public speaking career.

I was an early reader, I recall reading ‘big books’ as young as four years old, so this teacher simply tapped into a potential that was inherent in me but of course needed to be shaped and groomed to fruition.

From that day on my hand was always the first to go up when the request for readers went out. I also sat attentively in class listening for the moment when she would request readers.  I was one of the most frequently selected readers in that classroom thank you unknown and unnamed teacher!

How are you at work? Are you pouring into a young worker, or an employee who wishes to grow in the organization? Are you mentoring and supporting them in their quest? Even if they may show no signs for wanting to advance you can still pour into them. This attention on your part could be the very thing they need to start being their best right where they are.  It could also be exactly what you need to give your own career a greater sense of purpose and direction.

The many available writings on what needs to be in place for one to feel a sense of purpose and clarity in life, always point to giving unselfishly of oneself to others.

Pouring into others not only help the recipients but you the pourer also.  We cannot give without receiving it is a simple basic universal life principle.   So I respectfully and gently challenge you on the following: Find an employee and pour all you know into developing them.

Below are the benefits you will receive:

  1. You will experience an increased boost in your level of motivation at work
  2. You will have increased clarity in the direction  for your career
  3. You will sharpen and increase your own knowledge and awareness of your needs and desires
  4. You will release your inner happiness and content….

The benefits to pouring into others are numerous. The key to receiving these benefits starts with you finding someone and unselfishly pouring all you know into them. The universe will be balanced in your favour!

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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