Perspective: Keep,Release or Adopt a New One

More often than not our joy and peace lie in the view we hold of certain situations.  Recently, one of my clients shared with me the power behind holding a perspective designed to align with the purpose she is working towards, supports the process necessary to achieve the  purpose and her people.

The challenge she faced was asking one of her key managers to consider being available during the busy holiday season. This client of mine needed all her key staff on hand to execute and make the promotions a success.

The manager denied my client’s request.  Played from a funeral song-sheet that sounded something like this: I don’t feel this company gives me any reason not take my holidays at this time.  I don’t feel the company cares about me and my needs.  On and on she sang from this song-sheet.

My client went into her role as a coach.  She beautifully described the following process she used to help the manager shift her perspective:

  1. She acknowledged the manager’s concerns. Reminded her of her contributions to the company as well as the company’s contributions to her
  2. She then asked permission to ask her a few questions to help better understand her position-she was given the green light.
  3. She then asked the manager about her intention and desire for the company. This made the manager share with her what she valued and want to achieve
  4. She then delicately shared the perspective she noticed the manager was holding.
  5. Helped her identify the perspective and walked her through a best-case/worst case scenario should she Keep-Release or Adopt a new perspective
  6. She then worked with the manager to explore adopting a new perspective followed with
  7. Evaluating the pros and cons of adopting a new perspective.

The process was flawless based on how my client was coached to develop her direct reports.  Alas – the manager went through the whole perspective shifting process only to decide to Keep her original perspective!

My client acknowledged her decision and demonstrated a great deal of empathy in letting the client know she truly respects her decision as challenging as it will make the upcoming promotional events.

The manager went to the drawing board to select a number two to fill in for her manager, booked a staff meeting to inform the rest of the team about the upcoming changes.

A week prior to this staff meeting, the manager came to my client and made a complete change in her decision. Citing all the right reasons why she ought to be present during the busy season. A complete shift in perspective had occurred!

Why did this happen? My client knows how to develop people especially in challenging and sensitive situations.  The above 7 steps are designed to help you do just that no matter the size challenges faced in your organization.    

By keeping a clear focus on your purpose – the why behind you and your team do what you do and the process required for this happen, you can’t help but come to know you must invest in your people- the very ones who will take and make the purpose a reality.

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What do you find helpful about this post? How do you see yourself using the process shifting questions? What difference do you believe this coaching approach will make in your place of work? Please write your comments below.

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