Well Leaders… Lead Well

If you revel in the employee who comes into the office at 6:30a.m. and leaves at 9:00p.m. I have news for you.  If you the leader happens to be that employee who is putting in long days and night into the business, I have news for you.  This belief that you come in to work early and leave late often times really late- is old school.

The news here is you and or that employee are either:

  • Really poor at managing your work days OR
  • Are poorly equipped for the role you have been assigned OR
  • Are seriously lost regarding knowing your strategic priorities OR
  • Something else

Of course there will be times when you do have to put in the long hours. These should be the exception-not  the norm. It is time organizations stop promoting this destructive and un-sustaining way of doing business and it starts with leaders valuing well-being for themselves first, then modeling that behaviour to their direct reports.

How can you or your direct reports bring your A-game to work when all you do is work?  You don’t take a day to rest and recharge your batteries. You are constantly on and worse if you expect the same from your direct reports!

Leaders who are well… lead well.  They model the very behaviours that are conducive to creating a work environment in which its people are strategic, innovative and successful.  Well leaders know the race they are running is a marathon-not a sprint, and because of this they must set the example of pacing themselves.

If you are leading a company and your vision is one in which it sticks around for a very, very long time then you best be a well leader so you can lead your folks well.  How do you  even know if you are leading as well as you possibly can?  What signs would you look for to let you know you are off the well leader’s path?

Here are a few tell-tale signs:

  • You have lost leadership of your self -you no longer do the self-care you know you should
  • Your weight and overall health have taken a dive
  • You eat your meals at your desk when at work and feel lucky to dine with your significant others
  • You are thinking your children would choose the babysitter over you if given a choice
  • You and your spouse no longer stop to spend meaningful time with each other
  • Fun, laughter, and playfulness have all but made an exit from your life
  • Deep down inside you know there is something more than this crazy, unbalanced life you are living

To move ahead and lead as well leaders do, take sometime and do an inventory of your life as follows:

  • How have I personally advanced since I have been in this role as leader?
  • Am I more healthy in all four pillars- Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical?
  • What personal wins have I achieved in regards to self-care?
  • How available am I to my significant others?
  • How have I maintained a healthy work-life flow?  Download the Well Leaders Lead Well manual and assess your progress
  • Where do I fall short personally?
  • What would I need to change or start doing to  elevate this area of my life?

It is time to look at work and life as a healthy flow of one into the other rather than one or the other.  This means for many leaders taking a bold step towards changing the way business is done.  Changing the way life is lived.  It’s no longer business as usual, there just has to be more to life than that!

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!


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