Well Leaders…Practice MBWA

Would your people be suspicious to have you visit them in their work area? Would they scratch their heads in puzzlement as to whether you are lost or are spying on them?  Would they pretend all is well to see you in their area but you know deep down they are most uncomfortable with your presence?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you very well might not be practicing MBWA. I came across this way of leading and managing in my readings. Simply means Manage By Walking About. How many leaders fail to see the connection between their presence-good presence- and increased engagement and productivity?  Far too many sadly.

Sales persons know if they are in their office versus in front of their clients, they are missing out on critical sales opportunities.  Same is true if more time  is spent around their desks buried  versus doing a walk-about.

Lean management principles encourages organizations wishing to elevate the level of smooth flow to not only address their processes, but to take a look.   Get up from around the desk, leave your office and do a walk-about.  Go see what your people face on a daily basis.

Many successful organizations have shown the value in the MBWA approach to leading.  Taking a walk on a regular basis brings you down to the level of the backbone of your organization-literally and metaphorically. This simple decision goes a long way to encourage your people.  It shows heart and the research is clear- when you encourage the heart- you have people who will show up to work for more than a pay cheque.

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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