Well Leaders… Protect Their People

Why should you protect your employees?

How much trust do the people you lead have in you? How confident are they that you won’t throw them under the proverbial bus?

It’s quite similar to parenting.  Children are gifts given to us and they are placed in our lives to help make it better. Many parents will admit to becoming better people once they made the decision to become parents.

Well leaders protect their people.  They do so in many ways that say I care about you and I value you.

The same is true for leaders. With the responsibility for meeting your organization’s goals, you know you need your people to help you get there and accomplish the tasks.

Yet, too many leaders actually fail to protect their people.  I have heard far too many accounts from employees where their leaders not only threw them under the bus, but they got behind the steering wheel and made sure they backed up and drove the bus over them!  Essentially driving the nail in the coffin of the very people they need to help them achieve their goals.

How contradictory is it to find leaders leading without considerations for the needs of their people?

How to find-out whether you are protecting your employees?

How do you know if you are protecting your people?  You are a well leader who protects their people if…

  • You practice the basic principle of praising publicly and correcting PRIVATELY
  • You enable your people to act by making sure they have the resources and training they need to get the work done
  • You support and stand up for your people when they are challenged or accused by senior leaders
  • You show confidence in your people even when you receive complaints against them.
  • You develop your people in the areas where they show signs of needing development
  • You look ahead and see promise in your people and you coach and develop them even before they realize these skills
  • You look for ways to recognize and celebrate your people’s contribution to the business and you do it!

Well leaders know they must protect their people because without them the game they are playing at is all over before it starts!

However, to be a well leader who protects their people- you must be well.  You must be clear on your strategic priorities and what is required for you to achieve them.

Strategic priorities must include not only the organization’s but it is imperative considerations are made for those personal priorities that ,if addressed, will truly elevate your game and that of your team.

leadership and parentingWell leaders know the clearer the picture they paint of the desired outcome they and their people are working towards achieving, the less headache and pain it will mean for their people.

Why should you make time to protect employees?

So, well leaders make time to:

  • Know exactly what they are playing at to win
  • Know the requirements of the arena in which they and their team will be playing
  • Make clear when they will know they have won
  • Provide all the necessary resources and skills to win

The above points relate to the business.  The business will thrive absolutely when the above points are included in your strategy and executed.

Extra steps to take to protect employees

However, to truly elevate your game, well leaders protect their people by also doing the following:

  • Invest in their personal well-being by getting adequate amount of sleep, nourishing their bodies and minds with beautiful and nutritious foods, being physically active-daily, care for their spiritual and emotional pillars
  • Being self-directed. They know they are ultimately responsible for the results they get in their personal lives AND they heavily influence the results in the business. So they make the time to direct their own personal and professional development

You do this for your people and you will be rewarded by the incredible way in which your people will rally around you and your cause.

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!




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