Well Leaders…Have A Customer Lens

Why should you have a customer lens?

The problem faced by too many leaders in today’s organizations- is that they look at their customers through cloudy  lenses. I enjoy reading-a lot.  The wider the scope of my reading-the more I come to know the following to be true- Well Leaders have a Customer Lens.  Here’s what I mean. We know there are universal principles that guide us all. Whatever the belief system you might subscribe to- be it something or nothing- it shapes the colour, size and clarity of the lenses through which you see your customers.

CAA is the insurance agent for our vehicles.  Awhile back, one of our sons had a situation on the road that I had to call for roadside assistance.   I, as the owner of the vehicle and holder of the insurance- by the terms of the contract-am required to be in person at the vehicle for service to be delivered.  Well, there was no way I could be and told this to the agent.  I was read the terms of the contract and told that normally they wouldn’t be able to assist us but would make an exception for this case.  They went and provided assistance.  This happened twice that year and they delivered.

Leaders with different perspective

Leaders whose lens are truly customer focused know they can’t be all to all. Universal principles don’t work that way and it is why Well Leaders have a Customer Lens- they narrow their focus so they can better serve those customers who are more than customers- they are a critical component of their organization’s infrastructure.

What can you gain by changing your perspective?

Well leaders know if they are clear about who are truly their customers- then they design all efforts around supporting and truly serving them.   I am a long-time customer of CAA- more than 20 years.  My loyalty is clear. I suspect they knew this and had a clear focus of who I am as a customer and they delivered.  Needless to say, they will have me for many more years-but here’s the bonus- they have also gained my son’s loyalty.  All this comes from looking at their customer through clear lenses -focused to build brand loyalty and extend this loyalty to generations to come.

What about you and your leadership? How well are you in clearly seeing your customers? What colour are your lenses and how focused are you on building brand loyalty vs.  going for a quick dollar?

To help you answer these questions read next week’s post:  Well Leaders… Trust

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