Well Leaders…Trust Their People

Awhile back I had a coaching session with a senior level leader. He had done tremendously well in developing a healthy work environment in his department. His direct reports spoke favourably about him as a leader. Their overall mood and attitude was quite positive and upbeat.

Overall, he shared his team was quite engaged and feels confident they have a strong feeling they are an important part of where the department is heading. He was happy about this.

This was not the story of his department initially. Though he identified key skills and abilities in his direct reports- he used to struggle deeply with trusting them. 

Trusting them to work to take on what he saw as really important aspects of key projects. He was okay with them doing jobs he believed them to be equipped to do-but boy did he struggle with the higher level jobs!

When a leader fails to prepare an environment in which his direct reports are able to succeed and fail successfully, there you find waste. Not utilizing the skills and abilities of your people in LEAN principles is seen as one of the eight fundamentals of waste.

Imagine that!  Not trusting your direct report by refusing to place them in roles that not only use their existing skills, but also stretch them enough to grow and become better-is seen as waste! Smart leaders know it is critical to identify and eliminate any form of waste along the value stream.

Customers suffer when the value stream is weighted down by this under utilization of skills and abilities as well as other kinds of waste.

My client was coached to see just how his lack of trust is hurting his organization’s bottom line.  Of course, this resulted in a major perspective shift on his part and that of his direct reports.

The truth is a year and half later he is a true disciple of trusting his people. The very backbone of what makes his job and his organization successful.

He spends time in one-on-one coaching-developing them to be their best. His reward? Well, I told you at the start of this blog!

What about you? Are you leading without trust of your direct reports? What about the trust of your senior leadership team members? Are you allowing waste to eat away at the profits you and your organization could be reaping?

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Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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