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Phyllis Reid-JarvisPhyllis C. Reid-Jarvis, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Fitness Leader, is an expert on creating health solutions for people that make a difference in their lives.  Her first edition of Solutions for Health How to Do More of What Works has helped many people create health solutions for living their best lives possible. Her work is sought out by companies looking to increase productivity via healthy employees.

Phyllis is the President of PRJ Consulting., an innovative training and coaching firm that helps people and organizations realize their full potential. With a focus on the health and wellness needs of individuals and companies, PRJ Consulting’s vision is to participate in building vibrant and healthy workplaces and individuals, enabling them to contribute positively to their personal, professional and economic development.

From busy corporate executives seeking balance and energy to small business owners, front-line workers and middle managers, all can benefit from her personalized health solutions.  As well as being a much sought-out speaker, Phyllis is also a respected Life and Health coach for business people ready to create extraordinary health and success in all aspect of their lives.

To book Phyllis to speak at your next conference, or conduct team building workshops; or to discover how PRJ Consulting can help you and your organization get healthy, visit http://www.PhyllisReidJarvis.com today.

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