Different But The Same

So we are hosting a student from Japan who is here in the city to learn English. A delightful young woman of 20 years old.  We are eating supper today and as we conversed; me, using as few words as possible to help her understanding, her in her halting English, she commented on how healthy the meals I cook were. …

Year End- Great Time to Look Ahead!

I love the end of a year as much as I love the start.  You see the end of the year is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on three really important questions we must all ask ourselves. 
1.   …

Are You a Runner or a Walker?

Manitoba has a large community of avid runners and walkers. This month as we approach the Manitoba Marathon it has special meaning for many. Some of you will be taking on new challenges such as running all or a portion of a race.